A Jolly Good Gallop

whether it's a gentle tootle around the countryside or the adrenalin rush of competition that you seek; we cater for all...

A Jolly Good Gallop

In a world where the pace of life can sometimes feel like the speed of light, increasing numbers of people are choosing to spend their leisure time doing things that connect them back to a sense of equilibrium. These days people "get" what's so special, so thrilling, and so compelling about the horsey life, and increasing numbers of people are choosing it and loving it. It's healthy, it's wholesome and it's fun. If you have a horse for hacking, for competition or just for the pleasure of keeping it and you're looking for livery read on. If you're not local, why not come on holiday?

Location, location, location

Perched smack bang on a bridle path just two minutes from the edge of fantastic woodland and the national park, and with direct access to the whole of the north York moors; Good Gallop liveries is in a truly brilliant location. Glorious views, fabulous rides, woodland, moorland, traffic free: you name it. For hacking, quite honestly it will take some beating, and five minutes drive to the A170 puts you within easy reach of shows and competitions. Whichever way you slice it, the best of both worlds.

Services and facilities

There is year round turn out in safely fenced paddocks and we do grass, DIY, part or full livery. We also take holiday horses or resting racers, and equines for nursing or convalescence (vets recommend us). We offer B&B or self catering accommodation in the completely gorgeous Granary, so if you want to come for a holiday with your horse, that's possible too.

We have all the usual facilities aswell as the not so usual HOT WATER SHOWER! We have a modest indoor arena along with an outdoor round pen for liberty work: I am a former student of Monty Roberts and we are experienced in different schools of natural horsemanship, so we are happy to take horses for re-educating aswell as regular schooling. We are knowledgeable, we are experienced and we have a variety of options!

Small yard, quiet routine, personal touch

It's a small and dedicated team and I am hands on in the yard myself, so I know exactly what is going on at any given time. We take a holistic approach to management, training and care, and a consideration of equine psychology is behind everything that we do. There is no compromise on health and wellbeing. Good Gallop is a small but professional yard in a stunning setting, where you will never find hoards of people. It's a peaceful environment where you and your horse can get away from it all, so if you're looking for a hive of activity this is not the yard for you... Even so, with plenty of free range and rare breed livestock about the place, there's never a dull moment. Peaceful yes; boring no!


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