Creative Direction

cooking up wonderful ideas to make your dreams reality...

Creative Direction

A tour of this website will reveal that I get up to quite a few different things; I enjoy what is referred to these days as a portfolio career.  One of the hats I particularly relish wearing is that of creative advisor.  Shaping brands is a blend of marketing savvy, artistic ability and intuition.  And I LOVE it! 

Helping organisations not so much to improve what they have, but to allow who they are to really shine with clarity and focus, requires a very particular skill set.  In effect, one needs to be able to perceive the unique qualities of a brand and have the ability to create the conduit for its message, in order to maximise impact and increase success, however the latter is defined.  From the refreshing of a logo or polishing of a corporate image to a complete brand overhaul, I guide you through every step of the journey, whatever the destination... 



Sustainability is Key

Never has it been more important to conserve resources; repair instead of replace; reinvent in preference to discard. Considering the footprint of an organisation is of key importance to me. Consequently, I am particular about who I want to be associated with and in order for me to work with a brand I will do my homework on the ethics.

Resonance is Essential

Much of the skill in shaping brands comes from the conviction that is born of believing in the brand ethos and message. This cannot be fabricated, it has to be genuine. I do my best work when I am engaged in projects that I can put my heart and soul into, and not just my creative ability.

Magic and Synergy

Recognising what is required to optimise a brand is undoubtedly the start of the magic but the identified requirements must be actioned in order to deliver on the client's objective. I have been, and continue to be, uniquely privileged to collaborate with and coordinate a host of different professionals from photographers and videographers to designers, tech wizards and brand ambassadors. It is the combined input of these multifarious energies that produces the essential synergy to bring a project to life. And once it starts to become more than the sum of its parts; then we're flying...

The Yoga in Creativity

The thread of yoga runs throughout this website because yoga is much more than a physical practice; it is a philosophy and a holistic experience. Bringing together all of the components that make each brand unique, in a way that chimes with the brand message and resonates with its objectives, is an exercise of creativity. Yoga is that wonderful feeling of integration and wholeness and I seek to bring that same integration, wholeness and authenticity, to the creative expression of the brands that I work with.