dive deep into the pool of your own self, and discover that dynamic stillness is not a contradiction; it is your very nature...


The stereotype of the super skinny, super bendy, white middle class yogini is no more.   Clients don't come to my regular hatha yoga classes to master a perfect headstand, or learn how to get their foot behind their ear.  A far simpler, yet infinitely more profound goal is on their agena; they seek harmony and peace. And in a frantic, frenetic modern world, this need to find some balance, some quiet space, is what lead me to develop "Tranquility".

I offer Tranquility evenings, workshops or weekend retreats and they are all designed to be restorative experiences when I aim to give my clients the maximum opportunity not just to engage with bodily wellbeing, but to feel a sense of integrated harmony and tranquility to the very core.  This is what yoga is about; not acrobatics and self display.  Using a combination of hatha yoga, simple ayurvedic routines and meditative practices, "Tranquility" explores what it means to be in stillness yet engaged with the world, to live with vibrant energy yet remain rooted within the self, and to face the challenges of life with poise and grace.

In all its multifarious splendour yoga is both a physical practice, and an experiential reality of harmony and wholeness.  The experience inevitably flows from the practice and oneness begins with a feeling of being at peace within the self.  When we have too much going on in our lives, our bodies and our minds, it is easy to find ourselves off course and feeling scattered. It then becomes more difficult to access the creative potential and intuitive capacity that is inherent in each and every one of us, and we can find ourselves on a downward spiral of stress and imbalance. "Tranquility" is designed to help you explore, develop and heal the relationship you have with yourself and to connect with your own power.   It is also my mission to give you practical tools for gaining and maintaining equilibrium.

If you are feeling stressed, burnt out, over worked, overwhelmed, having difficulty coping or are simply wanting to take an opportunity to recharge, rejuvenate and give yourself permission to be your own priority, then Tranquility is for you.  I am competent in managing mental health issues and anyone with anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, grief or other trauma would be emotionally safe in my sessions.  I work with victims and survivors of abuse with sensitivity and complete confidentiality and you are welcome to contact me to discuss any of these issues before booking.

Tranquility is about yoga, ayurveda, self discovery, empowerment and most of all YOU.  If you are ready to create some space for self nurture then I invite you to join me, for an evening, a workshop or a weekend, to dive deep into the pool of your own self, and discover that dynamic stillness is not a contradiction; it is your very nature...

Tranquility workshops and weekends are only for women
ranquility evenings are for all