“the genius of man is hidden in the silent, settled state of mind from where every thought emerges...”  Maharishi


It's not wacky, it's not weird and millions of people are at it every day.   As a very long term meditator, I speak from considerable experience and the technique that I practice is transcendental meditation.  It's simple to learn, easy and quick to do, and best of all it really does work.  

Transcendental Meditation was introduced to the West by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  It's origins can be found in the vedic texts of ancient India yet it is relevant, in a very real sense, to the modern world.  There has been no more rigorously tested and examined method of meditation, and extensive studies indicate that TM is profoundly effective in reducing stress and in improving overall health and wellbeing.  From insomnia, depression and anxiety to high blood pressure and addiction there is no more efficient meditation technique to produce such beneficial, long lasting and cumulative benefits for overall health and wellbeing.  It would be remiss of me in the extreme, if I did not bring this to your attention.  

Transcendental Meditation courses are held periodically throughout the year in the tranquil setting of  my Old Stable Studio.  Taught by husband and wife team Leesha Gaffney and David Evans they begin with an introductory meeting, followed by teaching over 4 days with unlimited free follow ups.  If you are searching for some inner peace look no further.  Practising this technique regularly will bring you increased satisfaction, creativity and happiness.  Learning the TM technique and then subsequently the advanced TM-Sidhi program are without doubt the greatest gifts I have showered on myself in life. - Yes, really!


Simple, Straightforward and Effortless

TM requires no effort or intellectual understanding. It is fundamentally different from other forms of meditation in that there is no concentration involved and you don't have to try and relax. It is a simple technique that anyone can learn, including children. There is no need for any particular belief system and it does not conflict with any religion or ideology. Practising it takes just 20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably in silence with the eyes closed. Many people notice that the benefits of meditating and the improvement in their clarity of thinking and efficiency save them the time that it takes to practise the technique.

Benefits to Health and Wellbeing

Transcendental Meditation aids relaxation, relieves stress and brings increased physical and mental energy by giving profound rest to the whole system. To transcend means to go beyond, and this technique takes the mind beyond the surface level of thought to that very quiet settled state, where we can experience a deeper silence; a restful alertness. This process allows stress and tiredness to melt away, resulting in greater energy, clarity and enjoyment of life. It is a meditation technique that is particularly suited to the hectic nature of the modern lifestyle and its cumulative benefits can help to release deep rooted tensions and physical problems.

Easy Steps to Learning TM

The authentic TM technique is only taught by professionally certified teachers and the first stage of learning to meditate is to speak to a TM teacher or to go along to an introductory meeting. Introductory Meetings and courses are held throughout the UK and indeed throughout the world, but if you are in my neck of the woods you can learn at my Old Stables Studio, with husband and wife team Leesha Gaffney and David Evans.

Courses take place over 4 days and can be arranged at convenient times. Day 1 is your one to one personal instruction which takes between 1 - 2 hours. After that you can begin to practise meditation on your own. On days 2 - 4 there are follow up meetings to check your understanding and practise of the technique. These will usually be with others learning TM at the same time as you and will take between 1 - 2 hours each meeting.

Ongoing Support

Learning TM is very straightforward but the process is very thorough. Once you have been taught the technique you will have all the tools you need to meditate effectively but your teacher will remain available to talk through any questions that may arise and to check your practise if you feel the need. When you learn to meditate, you make a lifetime commitment to yourself; and makes a lifetime commitment to you.

Meditation Made Simple

Sometimes, we may want to dip a toe in the meditative pool of stillness without necessarily feeling we are ready to make a commitment to a particular technique, course or tradition of practice. If that's you then my "meditation made simple" evenings will suit you down to the ground.

The meditative practices of yoga need not be inaccessible whatever stage or state of mind you are experiencing. These evenings are guided sessions that begin with simple breathing practices and end with a grounding and rejuvenating awareness.

Simple techniques to bring meditation and peace of mind within reach...