Meditation made Simple

settling you into a quiet mental space is my job; your job is simply to show up...

Meditation made Simple

Thursdays 6.30pm - 7pm UK time by Zoom The Old Stables Studio in North Yorkshire by zoom £5 per session paid in advance in blocks of 4
Single taster sessions and gift vouchers available

Sessions are suitable for complete beginners

Take the mystery out of meditation with an easy, simple approach to releasing stress and finding stillness...

Meditation made simple is about providing an accessible and non challenging way to relieve stress and enjoy meditation and peace of mind, without feeling any need to be perfect at it.  There is no requirement to sit in complicated postures or even to sit cross legged, unless you want to.  Indeed, sitting in a chair will suit many people.  The idea behind these sessions is to remove as many of the hindrances to enjoying meditation as possible, including all ideas of postures, perfection and unrealistic aspiration.  The sessions begin with simple, relaxing breathing practices and end with a rejuvenating and grounding awareness.  You will not feel spaced out or discombobulated, promise.

Meditation is one of the gifts of yoga that is denied to many because they perhaps feel they are not "good enough" or believe they  "can't do it"; a notion that can be perpetuted or reinforced by unrealistic images of yogis in spectacular contortions seemingly blissed out for extended periods.  Anybody who feels they cannot meditate has simply not found a suitable teacher; these guided sessions using easy techniques dispel that myth and make the elusive promise of meditation and mindfulness into a reality.

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, have panic attacks, PTSD or other trauma related issues you are more than welcome to come to these sessions.  I am an experienced  BWY yoga teacher and have worked extensively with victims and survivors of abuse with sensitivity and complete confidentiality.  I would encourage you to tell me about any of these issues on the health declaration below beforehand, so that I can be sure to keep you emotionally safe.
Practicing any form of meditation is made a whole lot simpler if you are comfortable, warm and will not be disturbed.  So wear loose clothing, have a blanket handy, turn off your phone and get yourself settled into a quiet physical space.  Settling you into a quiet mental space is my job; your job is simply to show up...