Private Sessions

a valuable private space where you can be free to explore whatever is important for you...

Private Sessions

Yoga with me is all about YOU!  In my converted stable studio I give personal sessions on either an individual basis or a small private group basis.  Personal sessions are an opportunity to spend quality time exploring and deepening your personal understanding and practice of yoga, and working on any issue that is of particular relevance in your life, your body, your mind or your spirit.

Personal sessions are not just classes in microcosm, although they can be, if that's what you choose.   In a private session, I can focus with you on any aspect of your yoga practice that you want to consider.  Clients come for private sessions for lots of different reasons.  Some come to work on physical issues, others may be struggling with insomnia, anxiety or depression, some want to learn how to relax.  Hatha yoga can help with all of these difficulties and more, and personal sessions give you the space and privacy to explore them.   

There is no need for any particular level of experience or ability.  Personal sessions are open to all and can vary in length depending on your requirements but are at least 60 minutes, and no more than 2 hours.  I can help you work on your physical ability, give particular attention to any injuries, past ailments or current weaknesses but I can equally help you find peace of mind, inner silence and the seat of your own self.

I am a qualified and insured yoga teacher, currently registered with the  British Wheel of Yoga (BWY).  The BWY is the largest yoga organization in the UK with a membership of over 4,000 teachers and a well respected and established teacher training program.  I have a long established personal yoga and meditation practice and I am currently undertaking an academic exploration of the traditions of meditation and yoga in South Asia, as a student on a masters degree program at SOAS, University of London.  I can help you develop or create a personal practice that suits your own lifestyle and particular requirements or simply offer you the space to explore whatever is current in the session or in your life.  I offer sessions in person at my studio or remotely using zoom, which is a very easy to use, secure online platform.  Call me to discuss either option.

A Typical Session

The beauty of a private session is that it can be tailored specifically to you; so all sessions are essentially unique. However, unless you are coming to study philosophy, most sessions will start with breathing exercises and be followed by gentle warming stretches if you are then wanting to work on postures. All posture work is followed by cooling down exercises and then if you wish, these are followed by a period of meditation and relaxation.

Clothing and Equipment

There is no need to bring any equipment to a private session unless you want to. I provide everything; from mats to eye pillows, blocks to belts! Just wear your usual yoga gear, or if you have never practiced before comfortable clothing such as joggers and a T shirt or loose fitting top. You may also wish to have a hoody for warming up and cooling down. It's ok to wear socks if you want to but bare feet is best!


Sessions start and finish on time so punctuality is appreciated. The studio will be ready for you to arrive up to 15 minutes early if you wish, in order to get settled and make yourself comfortable.

I take payment on the day, before the session, so there is no need for you to remember anything at the end! For a cancellation or rearrangement I ask for no less than 24 hours notice.

Please... keep personal fragrance subtle and it goes without saying (I hope) that the studio is no place for mobile phones...