Group Classes

if you’ve never tried yoga come and see how you like it; if you already know you like it, come and see if you like me!

Group Classes

All teachers have their own unique style, which arises from a blend of experience, training and personality.  Thankfully, no two are alike because one size never fits all!

My class sessions last for 90 minutes and classes are gouped into courses, roughly equivalent to school term times.  Each course will have a theme or focus, so that the classes are not entirely standalone and instead form part of a comprehensive and structured whole.  In my view, the benefits of yoga are best experienced when individual attention, suggestions and adjustments can be given to those who welcome them.  This is only possible in small groups, so there are usually no more than a handful of students in my studio classes.   

I am a qualified and insured yoga teacher, registered with the  British Wheel of Yoga (BWY).  The BWY is the largest yoga organization in the UK with a membership of over 4,000 teachers and a well respected and Ofqual regulated, teacher training program.  My teaching and practice of Hatha yoga was originally informed by the modern postural lineages of Krishmamacharya, and in particular T. K. V. Desikachar, but for the last 10 years I have been greatly influenced by the work of Donna Farhi.  Contemporary teachers, who are exploring the biomechanics of movement in relation to principles of asana, and who are considering movement, the body and the self, in relation to the whole and its environment, are contributing significant positive developments to the evolution of modern yoga practice.  

It is my belief that yoga, although rooted in ancient tradition, has a profound and eternal relevance, but it must be capable of adapting to suit contemporary lifestyles, problems, expectations and abilities.  Consequently, these days I also offer sessions remotely using zoom, which is a very easy to use, secure online platform.  Hands on adjustments are obviously not possible but feedback is still given.  Classes may be slightly larger and the experience is of course different, but nonetheless valuable.  Some students in fact prefer the privacy of being in their own physical space.

A Typical Class

Classes are a blend of physical practice, breathwork, relaxation and meditation, interwoven with traditional yoga philosophy. We begin with a focus on the theme of the course, followed by a short, settling relaxation and warming up exercises. We then lead into the practice of yoga asanas (postures) and then pranayama (breathing exercises), concluding with a winding down period of meditation and relaxation.

Absolutely no previous experience is necessary! Yoga is non competitive and most classes usually have a mixture of ages and abilities. Everyone is encouraged to work to a level that is appropriate for them.

Clothing and Equipment

There is very little need for specialized equipment or clothing, just bring yourself and an open mind. Most people wear loose fitting trousers or joggers and a t shirt style top. Your clothes should be comfortable and allow you freedom of movement. Yoga is practiced on a "sticky" mat and these are available for newcomers to borrow if required. We sometimes use blocks and other yoga props but all of these are available to borrow or buy at my studio. Bare feet are best but socks are not forbidden!

In order to be comfortable in the relaxation I recommend that you bring socks, a light blanket and a towel or small pillow for your head.


You will be expected to switch off your mobile telephone and avoid chatting during class. I ask you to please be mindful that some people are sensitive to strong perfumes and to therefore keep personal fragrances subtle. Lavish dining beforehand is not recommended!

My classes start and finish on time and punctuality is appreciated.