The Power of Prose

I'm reliably informed that I'm quite good fun to work with too!

The Power of Prose

I was a child who wrote; journaled (albeit sporadically), and found it easy to express myself in the spoken word.  I think it’s because I have a logical mind and good communication skills.  I didn’t learn those, I was blessed to be born with them, or not, depending on what qualities one values or aspires to.  I am articulate to an impressive degree but I remain, nonetheless, an accessible and entertaining conversationalist.

I have edited for Oxford University Press, written numerous articles for magazines and organisations and  I write copy.  Mostly I write about the passions that fuel my being: lifestyle; health; yoga; sustainability; commitment to integrity and so on.  However, the preceding list is not intended to be exhaustive(!)  and I’ve had technical authoring commissions as well as the inevitable crossover with my legal training that means draft contracts and corporate and commercial documents are a breeze. I do, of course, also have a book on the go; but who doesn’t?!

My modus operandi

In my experience and opinion, talented writers are capable of creating a piece on any subject. I don’t really understand writers’ block because when I have a commission I am chewing it over whilst shepherdessing, having my early morning coffee, or going about any part of my daily routine that enables me to reach into my creativity. Searching for the “in” is my modus operandi and once I have that I’m away. It doesn’t take long, just a bit of quiet and some space in the mind to allow the ideas to enter and the structure of the work to begin to take shape.

The yoga of writing

Written and spoken language is a form of expression and utilising, moulding and honing it is a craft. My work is accessible to a diverse audience because I have the ability to pitch it appropriately. As a yoga teacher I have learned how to be with people, to find them where they are without simply trying to bring them to where I am, or where I think they need to be. That would be presumptuous and without a logical and sequential journey, taking account of individual and subjective experience and opinion would not (in any case) bear fruit.

Writing starts with being

Knowing how to be with people, to present to people, is a skill that is transferable across many disciplines, including the use of the written word. Because the power to convey ideas and information in a way that is relevant, accessible and engaging requires the ability to relate to the audience. Only when a writer has engaged the reader can the journey through the piece truly begin.

Try me for size

If you are interested in commissioning me then this website gives you an idea of my copy style and some of my bite sized blogs contain extracts from magazine features. Where confidentiality permits I can send examples of articles, academic and expository writing, policy documentation and corporate work. In all likelihood I will have comparable material to that in which you are interested.