Acts of Kindness

if we all did just one small act of mindful kindness every day; the world would be a better place...

Acts of Kindness

There has been much focus on the detrimental effects of covid and it has impacted all segments of society around the globe.  But it has been particularly detrimental to those in the most vulnerable situations; those who have mental health concerns, the elderly and isolated, anyone suffering from the effects of  domestic abuse, frontline staff, marginalised groups, ethnic minorities and those facing job and financial insecurity.  

To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, which for 2020 was based around the theme of kindness, the BWY launched a "Small Acts of Kindness" initiative when numeous BWY Teachers came together as a caring community, offering free weekly yoga classes to anyone affected at this time.  The classes are all livestreamed to a protected and secure group of participants, none of them are recorded, they are all entirely confidential and no previous experience of yoga is necessary.  

Yoga can be beneficial to both physical and mental well-being, reduce anxiety, help you stay connected and offer a breathing space from any stressful situation. All  BWY teachers are highly qualified and experienced and extend a loving invitation to welcome you to one of their classes. There are over 50 different classes available on a regular weekly timetable and a range of different styles to suit everybody.  There is no end date for this initiative because the BWY is not offering it as a covid initiative; it is a karma yoga initiative, and if any particular teacher is unable to continue there are enough BWY teachers that another one will come along to step into that slot.

I am personally offering a 60 minute Tuesday evening session of "Tranquility" relaxation between 7pm - 8pm UK time.  The session begins with a focus on breathing, some gentle stretching and then goes into a breathing and mind body awareness relaxation with and without visualisation, sometimes called yoga nidra. It is never exactly the same and I am competent and experienced to safely lead those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, domestic abuse issues and other trauma related mental health conditions.  This is a session designed to help you relax, unwind and give yourself some space to just be who you are, without the need to think of anything else.  You can trust that you will absolutely be safe with me, to be in the moment; YOUR moment...